home to our most cherished memories, our most precarious of stunts, and the place where we are our most free selves.

When you arrive at the Club, you’re greeted by Maskok’s sunshine-like smile, a warm A-frame, and the promise of a good time!


We’ve got our spectacular A-frame which started as just a simple shelter, it now consists of a lounge (fully kitted out with a sound system that is run on solar), a dining area that has seen many a celebration, a kitchen, and a loft to sleep in. We have also expanded over the years to include a few other buildings on our land. We’ve built what we call the “B-Frame” which houses around 30 beds – dormitory style – and has a nice anthracite heater to keep us warm in the winter. We’ve also got the “Park Home” – a favourite for families or those wanting a little more privacy. Park Home consists of 3 bedrooms, one in the dormitory style of the B-Frame, one with a set of bunk beds and a sleeper couch, and then what we like to call “The Chairman’s Suite” – a private room with a queen-sized bed. We then have our Bathroom block – 2 single-room toilets with the most spectacular views, and a few full-sized spacious bathrooms with showers that run on gas geysers – so you’ll always be able to warm yourself up with a hot shower! We’ve got our tool shed and our equipment shed – the HQ of our HQ. Our dear Maskok and Ntja also have a house on the property – while they like to keep to themselves most of the time – Maskok never says no to an invite to the festivities and is often able to give the young okes a run for their money!

We became a registered Society in the Kingdom of Lesotho in 1990,


Club Maluti, at its inception, was simply a group of families who loved the snow and wanted to enjoy it. Way before the times of Afriski. There was a manual lift that was set up every time! Can you imagine having to set up a lift before you’re able to enjoy the slope?

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We are privileged to say that we have many members of the founding families who are still involved in our beloved Club, and many members throughout the years who still get in touch, still keep up to date with all our shenanigans, and still visit the Club. We have built a fraternity at Club M, a community of people who know that no matter where they are in the world, no matter how many years it’s been – Club M will always welcome them back with open arms.