2019 Season opener & Hot tub Launch

This last weekend saw the Club Maluti winter season opener and coincidently the long awaited Hot tub Launch!

The club was packed with old and new members and it was nothing short of an epic success!

With all of the excitement, peeps were showing some mad style in the Kapoko snow park, the highlight being Wesley Schallen casually throwing in a backflip or two!

At the end of the day, the perfect way to unwind after going hard on the slope was to sink into the Hot tub with a drink and enjoy the sunset amongst friends!

A massive congratulations to the committee and everyone involved in that fantastic project!


Not only were we spoiled with great company, amazing weather and a sweet new addition to the club, but we also had a guest appearance from a professional photographer, Greg, who managed to capture the essence of the club and the weekend perfectly!

All in all, I could definitely without a doubt say that the weekend was nothing short of perfect and set the tone for whats to come this year!

How lucky we are to experience and explore the magic that is the Maluti Mountains and the friendships found within the club!

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