Being a club, we generally like to participate in stuff! Back in the day when snow was scarce, we were known as 'The Drinking Club with a Skiing Problem'. Now that snow is guarenteed every year, we are still known as The Drinking Club with a Skiing Problem'!

Drinking aside, we also like to get together, or head up to the club, for some general tomfoolery. Generally speaking this involves:

  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Gorge Jumping
  • Tanning
  • Reading
  • Sun-downing
  • Dancing

Winter season is usually dominated by epic riding and skiing by day, and cognac sipping by the fireplace by night! And because the cognac of choice is usually Klipdrift in disguise, the party inevitably leads to sizzling moves on our special elevated dance floor (once the dinner plates have been wisked away).

Summer season brings good times in the beautiful surroundings by day, and brandy and coke sipping by the braai at night. .... sizzling moves on our special elevated dance floor ... etc!


There are numerous social and sporting events that take place during the year which we like to categorise into National (JHB) and International (Lesotho) events!

National Events
  • Wine Tasting events
  • 1 x crazy fundraiser party in the 1st quarter of each year (traditionally Bingo!)
  • Apres Ski party before the season starts
  • Movie Premiers (generally extreme sporting reelated)
  • Various snow related parties
International Events
  • Workparties with an emphasis on Party!
  • Christmas in the snow (July)
  • Kings Cup
  • Quiksnow championships
  • Legendary summer Oktoberfest (Viking, Mexican, German etc)