The club is constrained by certain legalities which were imposed when the club was established – and these are the fact that we are a club and are only allowed to accommodate members and not function as a hotel.

If you are not a member of Club Maluti, and are looking for somewhere to stay, please contact either of the following (who are in the area):


If you are a club member… read further!

Booking Procedure

a) Requesting a booking

  1. Please email your bookings to
  2. State the following:
    1. Number of people
    2. Dates (the day of arrival and day of departure)

b) Booking payments

  1. Must be made in full before the reserved dates.
  2. All payments are to be referenced with full name (name & surname) and dates (5/06)

c) Confirmation of booking

  1. A booking is only confirmed on receipt of full payment, and forwarding notification of the deposit to the Minister of        Accommodation at (For verification with the Minister of Finance.)

d) Cancellation of booking

  1. Please send email to
  2. If cancelled less than 3 days prior to booking you are required to pay 50% deposit.


As a member, you probably know exactly what the rates are for this year! If you can't remember, email bookings, or ask someone on the Facebook site!

*Rates exclude food, drinks, and tips (R15 pppn). The club is self catering, so you need to sort yourself out. You can arrange with other people going on the weekend to buy food communally for the trip and split the cost amongst you. Please remember to bring up your own matches, toilet paper, condiments, bedding etc. Please see Essential Information for everything you need to know!

Bank Account Details

Club Maluti
FNB Sandton Commercial Suite
Acc #: 592 500 37933
Branch #: 260 950

Oversubscribed bookings

From time to time (mainly on peak weekends in winter) the club will be oversubscribed. In this case a ‘pecking order list’ will be enforced whereby members who have contributed more to the  club (work weekends, supply runs, active involvement, length of membership etc) will be considered first. Procedure to book is as follows:

a. Bookings must be made and paid for as specified in the Bookings Procedure above.
b. Your booking will only be confirmed 3 days prior to your departure.
c. If the trip is oversubscribed, guests and lower order members will lose their booking and be refunded as required.

Small print

  1. The committees decision regarding anything to do with anything is final etc.
  2. Damage to property: You will be responsible for the fixing (and cost thereof) of any damages you (or any person you have booked for) cause.
  3. Exclusivity: Request for exclusivity will be considered by the committee. A minimum of 20 people are required in order to book the club exclusively for the duration of your stay. This is virtually impossible during winter seasons, however will still be considered if requested.
  4. Members to accompany non-members: A fully paid member must accompany any team of guests.
  5. Report backs: On your return – if there are any items requiring attention please notify the committee – IT IS YOUR CLUB – not a serviced hotel.