1.  What to Bring:

All bedding
All food and condiments
Toilet paper
Your passport
Your toiletries
Your booze!
Your music (we do have a pumping sound system though!)
Money for Tip
Sunscreen and Hat

The only things supplied by the club are the cleaning materials.

2.  Tip:

Maskoko and Ntja will be looking after you and your belongings during your stay. Please ensure that you pay a tip of R15 per person per night to Maskok or Ntja before you leave.

Please note that nobody will follow this up with you. It is a courtesy as they will clean up after you and look after your valuables while you are at the slope etc.

The tip forms a large part of their livelihood and as we are all feeling the pinch of increased prices, they are feeling it more!


3.  Sleeping arrangements:

  • Parties of 5 people or less: Please use the A Frame to sleep.
  • Parties of above 5 and below 20: Please use the B frame and A frame ONLY
  • Parties of 20 +: The A Frame, B Fame and Park Home may be used.

The reason for this is due to the increase in prices of supplies to heat the sleeping areas.

Our costs are not covered if we have both the B Frame and Park Home heated when there are few enough people to occupy one space. The Park Home must not be heated if there are beds available in the B frame.

4.  Leftovers:

Should you have any food left over after the trip that you do not need, please leave it for Maskoko and Ntja. Please do not throw away any leftovers from dinners; lunches etc.

Place your dirty plates next to the sink when you are finished so they may be cleaned. Please help keep the kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping areas clean.

5.  Generator:

The generator must only be used at night for lights. Ntja will start this for you.

Please do not charge camera batteries etc in the day. This is very expensive for the club.

6.  Water:

The water is perfect for consumption, in fact you won’t find any purer!

In winter the water supply is turned off at 9pm or at what ever time Ntja feels fit depending on the temperature. The reason the water is switched off is that it freezes in the pipes causing expensive damage. Please do not attempt to turn it on! Water is placed by the sink in the kitchen should you need to drink or brush your teeth. Buckets are provided outside the toilets to flush. Flush only if necessary!

7.  General:

  • In winter, don’t forget to put antifreeze in your vehicle before you leave.
  • Caledonspoort boarder open at 6am and close at 10pm and Fouriesburg boarder is 24 hours – DONT FORGET YOUR PASSPORTS.
  • International roaming is required for cell signal.
  • Booze is not allowed to cross the boarder so hide it!
  • Please don’t litter. Please place all cigarette butts in the wine bottles outside!
  • Place your dirty plates next to the sink when you are finished so they may be cleaned. Please help keep the kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping areas clean.
  • Please only smoke outside, but again PLEAAASE do not litter the cigarette butts.

Enjoy the mountains!