Current Members

Please remember to pay your subs, for 2013 it is R365

Account details: Club Maluti; FNB; Sandton Commercial Suite; Branch code 260950; Account number 59250037933.

How to become a member?

To become a member at Club Maluti, you need to nominated by a current member and then seconded by another member – thus come up as a guest and get to know some people! Once you have these, drop a mail to requesting to become a member.

If successful, you will be required to pay your membership fees for the year whereby you then become a Provisional Club Member (see below). You will also be required to pay an additional joining fee of R200.

Membership status

  1. Non member definition
    1. Does not meet the criteria of Full or Provisional Member
  2. Provisional member definition
    1. Has been nominated and seconded by a full member
    2. Has paid their yearly subscription.
    3. This member is entitled to member accommodation rates but is not entitled to invite guests to the club.
    4. The provisional member can/will become a full member once he/she has contributed to the club (attend a work party, do a supplies run to the club, attendance of socials) and the club committee has approved the member to become a full member.
  3. Full member definition
    1. Paid their yearly subscription
    2. Has been approved by the committee to have Full Member Status
    3. Continually contributes to the club (attendance of work parties, socials, supplies run)

Rules and regulations

  1. Non members cannot stay at the club unless invited by & accompanied by a full member. Club Maluti is by Lesotho legislation not allowed to function as a hotel. This rule is not negotiable.
  2. Provisional members can stay at the club but must be invited by a full member and receives member accommodation rates.
  3. Full members are allowed to stay at the club and can invite guests, 1 guest per member unless otherwise arranged.
  4. Bookings will not be accepted from any member that has outstanding money owed to the club.
  5. Bookings can only be made 1 month in advance, and not for consecutive weekends. A member can however request a booking 3 days prior to any date if capacity is not yet full.
  6. Any party found up at the club without a valid booking will be dealt with!