Yes, I have attended many work parties and colorful adventures with some reprobate called Graham Joke or Joip… Grimm…I think that was his name? I am happy to report that he finally followed his gut and chose the homosexual route. He and Ed are going to be so happy together. I caught them in the park-home one very dark and cold night back in ’93. Graham said they were just keeping each other warm while their clothes were “drying” from the wet elements outside. At the time I chose to ignore the fact that they (their clothes) would have taken about 3 weeks to create enough habitat for a small colony of very dangerous mould, what with being piled up in the corner of the very cosy room and all. It was about at this time that I also noticed a muffled sound eminating from the the cupboard. I was trying to act surprised when Rhys (not mentioning any real names but Rhys as in Couzyn…Sleezy Rhys Couzyn, they used to call him…and still do…lives in KZN north coast diver oke Rhys…) rolled out of a badly secured cupboard in the sticky gimp suit. Sticky, not just from the beer it seemed. I bent down and tugged on a shiny zip, in what appeared to be the mouth area, in an attempt to help him breath. (Looking back, I am not so sure that it was actually the mouth area, because nobody’s breath should actually smell like that…and what’s more is that I could not recall him having that curly,whispy goatee that afternoon on the slopes).

Anyway, I did I quick about turn on the balls of my feet and did what almost anyone would do. I completely blocked it out of my memory until now.

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